F# study in Ann Arbor

Cool people at SRT Solutions in Ann Arbor... Which I must thank profusely for hosting/providing a study group space.
I spent three enjoyable one hour (give or take) sessions with several of the people who work with SRT, as well as local friends of the company.
Yes, I was the one none of you knew :)

Chris Marinos (who also Blogs for SRT http://srtsolutions.com/public/item/252928 ) delivered the quick study group presentations. We used koans to work through a small bit of of the F# syntax and on the final day actually worked a up a wee twitter reader/poster that became a bit of fun (of course).
The crux of the language (as with any functional language) is trying to think a bit differently. Think recursively. Try to make your problem conducive to recursion.

The true strength in the fine mini-demo Chris delivered, for me, was the inroad to the .NET framework which I have been looking for.
Java and I get along fine. Large libraries aside, it IS cross platform...
C# and I, not so much... I freely admit M$ annoys me to no end.
However, due to the nature of it, F# has made me work my way into that bloody framework, finally.
For that, F#, I thank you.