The Coding Community

A log of my journey into coding at the onset of my second life...

I desire to program, and I come from a time which gave birth to now. Then.

I believe in the existence of a benevolent community of coders/hackers/webdevelopers and people who just enjoy getting into messes with all forms of code, a group of people (true, they may be so loosely coupled as to be oblivious of one another, but that's good, right?) who see coding as a form of giving life to ideas.

Which is where I started, and have come back to.

C/C++, Java (or C-- ), Lisp/Scheme, JavaScript(Hey, it's a Lambda Language!), Pascal, Cobol, FORTRAN(how old are you really?)



Add a hearty welcome to F#!!! Whatever else they may be doing at M$, this one is lookin good! Functional programming r us! Everyone get your copy of The Little Lisper (or The Little Schemer -- nowadays)!

// whatever-script

If you love to tweak or just love to write "Hello World" You are welcome here!