The Coding Community

A log of my journey into coding at the onset of my second life...

I desire to program, and I come from a time which gave birth to now. Then.

I believe in the existence of a benevolent community of coders/hackers/webdevelopers and people who just enjoy getting into messes with all forms of code, a group of people (true, they may be so loosely coupled as to be oblivious of one another, but that's good, right?) who see coding as a form of giving life to ideas.

Which is where I started, and have come back to.

Found my first Obj-C project

A Haskell interpreter for the iPad...

I wonder if Apple will be down with that :D

So, I actually use an iPad...

Okay, I admit, not for much, but... I do use it.
I have amassed a virtual library of language references from amazon, for the Kindle app, both on the iPad and the android acer a500 which I purchased for one helluva painful Java project -- but that is another story entirely that will have to wait for the release of said software ( should the project ever become unpaused).

Ubuntu Linux 10.04, NVidia and three monitors


Bought a new nVidia 9800 so I could run three monitors with my Dell 531s (yeah I know, no powerhouse, but I have done development on FAR inferior machines -- it's just fine)

Gotcha #1 :
Dell BIOS doesn't want to use the onboard card while using an add-on
Solution #1 :
in BIOS, set the onboard as the first to init

Gotcha #2 :
nVidia drivers are a bit flaky... not when they're configured and running, just getting them running...
Solution #2 :
with a monitor attached to the onboard vga --
all as root (sudo)
'sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak'

F# study in Ann Arbor

Cool people at SRT Solutions in Ann Arbor... Which I must thank profusely for hosting/providing a study group space.
I spent three enjoyable one hour (give or take) sessions with several of the people who work with SRT, as well as local friends of the company.
Yes, I was the one none of you knew :)

Design Patterns r Us

Holy crap, design patterns rock.

I have spent my life finding patterns in everything I see, everything I do.
The irony of design patterns in a computer science setting is that they may seem arcane, but they bear a common sense stamp that makes them utterly useful and absolutely a joy to dive into!
Design Pattern References
Get them, read them, live them... Until you find a better solution ;)
I personally dive into four books on a regular basis for "inspiration" :

Old Algorithms

My wife, my three young boys and I recently joined some friends of ours to venture into a corn maze... I have been deprived of this pleasure, and this is the first time I have ever enjoyed this unique adventure...

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